Food Tasting at Scotch Bonnet

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Breakfast at Bourbon Cafe

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Best Burger in Lagos?

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Covid-19 Vaccine?

I finally took my Covid-19 Vaccine✌🏽 (AstraZeneca Vaccine) As the world is opening up, most countries would use the Vaccine as one of the means of entry into their countries e.g Seychelles, Thailand, Poland etc. If you’re in Nigeria, it’s very easy to take the vaccine. Check for designated places to take the vaccine Continue Reading

Restaurants that Serve Complimentary Bread

I spend more time writing reviews on Instagram you should checkout my page Explorewithdera A few restaurants in Lagos have started giving complimentary sides before your main meal arrives. Some give bread or tortilla chips while some give complimentary drinks. Here are some of the restaurants I have visited that serve Complimentary Bread Eric Kayser Continue Reading

Picnic at Fair Acres

‘Enjoyment doesn’t have a time table – Dera 2021’ Speaking for myself and probably a significant number of people, the dire need to explore something different that probably relates to nature never got so strong until the whole quarantining and lockdown, I mean why would I stay indoors for so long ?? Once the lockdown Continue Reading

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