Train Trip in Nigeria

Happy New Year Explorers.

I hope I’m more consistent in writing out blog post in 2022.

I recently took a trip to Ibadan using the train and I was impressed. It’s safe to say that the only thing that’s working perfectly in Nigeria is the Nigerian Railway Corporation.

Firstly, there’s no African time here. 8am is 8am. I got different classes of tickets to experience both.

1. Extra Leg room in the Business class

2. The AC works better in the Business class(dunno why)

3. There’s a tray table on every chair in the business class.

Can’t figure out any more difference.

Besides, only cash is collected at the ticket point 🙄 but there are a lot of POS persons around (even at the desert you’ll find them)

Places to visit in Ibadan?? Wait on the list.

Till I write again,

Dera ✈️

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