Review of Indigo Lagos + Giveaway #RestaurantReview

Indigo Lagos

📍242B, Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island Lagos, Nigeria.

I woke up feeling uneasy and decided to try a new restaurant.

I wanted something different from the normal restaurants in Lagos that I had visited in the past and after searching I found a “Nigerian, Chinese, Continental and Indian Restaurant.

I love it when restaurants try to be innovative and move away from their comfort zone. A restaurant that multitasks in all the areas of dishes….I knew it was a must try.

The decision was either to try a Chinese dish or a Nigerian dish. let’s keep reading to see which I settled for.

The ambience was brilliant I must commend and the service was exciting. The waiter was also helped in making a choice.

I also learnt that they have suites upstairs in the same building that caters for travelers or people who want to rest and it ranges from 20,000-30,000 depending on the category.

I finally settled for Fried rice with peppered chicken. It tasted like proper Fried rice (remember I said I visited a Nigerian, Chinese, Continental and Indian Restaurant. I want moreeee please 😪

My Partner had the Jollof rice and I had few spoons from it and it was soooooooooo good. I’m not even exaggerating. Not every restaurant gets Jollof rice so good so to find this, made me excited.

I’m on a No Soda diet so I had water but they sell different cocktails and drinks off their menu.


Fried Rice- 1900

Jollof Rice – 1900

Peppered Chicken-2900

Water -500

Not a bad damage to my debit card after all😉

I’ll be doing a revisit to this restaurant and I’ll like to take one of my readers with me.

Simple Instructions below;

-Follow both my page @explorewithdera and @Indigolagosng

Tell me in the comment section what you like to order in a restaurant when you visit.

– Pray to God for favor 🙏🏾

This giveaway is opened to Lagos Residents only.

Till I write again,

Dera ✈️

7 thoughts on “Review of Indigo Lagos + Giveaway #RestaurantReview”

  1. I like to order rice (jollof or fried). I used it as a yardstick for other meals😅 I feel if they get it right here, they will do same for other dishes😂

  2. Glad to know that they got the Jollof and Fried rice well. Not the orange colored rice that most restaurants serve as Jollof rice

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