Exploring Ouidah

I had put up a flyer stating ‘Exploring Ouidah’ I had a number of people sign up for the trip and the long awaited day came for us to embark on the trip.

We left Lagos by 8am and finally got to Seme border. We had to walk for about 5 minutes to get to the border and stamp our passport.

The road to Seme border was very bad. But as we got into Cotonou, one could finally sleep in the well air conditioned bus.

Finally arrived Cotonou by 2pm and life as tourists began.

The first visit was Temples de pythons. (Temple of the Pythons) they consist of male and female pythons and the guide tells you the history behind it and puts it round whoever wants to have it on their neck. Not me please.

The second location was Musee de Foundation which consisted of different African artifacts and paintings and drawings. Good way to appreciate Art. We also visited some other historic sites while some were under construction.

I took pictures of other buildings that interested me. I noticed that there were quite a number of female motorcyclists and motorcycles had a separate lane on the road.

Motorcycles are the easiest and convenient means of transportation in Cotonou because it has no public transportation system and as a result many Beninise people rely on bicycles, motorpeds and motorbikes.

We finally sat down to eat and I ordered jollof rice and fish (Le riz et poisson) it was cooked with a type of spice I wasn’t accustomed to so it’s safe to say I didn’t appreciate it.

We conveyed to the resort we lodged (Casal de Papa) and settled in.

The resort had facilities to help enjoy your stay.

The next day we kayaked, bonded, played games and checked out the Spa at Casal de papa. The spa is a bit pricy.

By 7pm, we came out for dinner. Eating at the resort was so expensive. I paid about 10,000 CFA for a plate of pasta and poulet (pasta and chicken)

One of my most memorable moments was the breakfast 😌 It was served buffet style and you had varieties of food to pick from.

When coming here if you can sneak in some water😌 don’t say I did nothing for you and make sure to bring mosquito repellent and pepper.

When it was time to go back to Lagos, it was a mixture of emotions.

Traveling is therapeutic and you don’t need to wait for anyone to start else you’ll go nowhere.

Want me to curate travel experiences for you or plan a trip or you’ll like to join my group trips.

You can send me a Dm @explorewithdera

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