Breakfast at Bourbon Cafe

This would be the first time I’m doing a review so quickly. Other times I let it sleep in my gallery for months or even years.

Bourbon Cafe

741 Adeola Hopewell Street, Victoria Island.

I had a quick breakfast and I chose bourbon cafe.

Firstly if you would like to go there. It’s better to take a cab because I couldn’t even get a parking space. You’ll literally park on the road side.

We went very early so we were the only ones there.

Before I talk about the food I just want to appreciate their milkshake. I was skeptical about it and told the waiter that if it wasn’t nice I’ll get a refund.

It gave me spikes while having it. It was thick and I had the vanilla milkshake. I’ll be back to try the rest of their milkshakes and know if they contend with another family restaurant.

Meals ordered

Stuffed Pancakes

Plain Pancakes

French Toast

Stuffed Pancakes: It had chicken inside. The chicken inside wasn’t all that. It was chewable but was more endowed with curry than any other spice they could find. But for the price was fair enough.

Plain Pancake

For a second I thought I was served crepes. The pancakes were not even rich. I don’t even know what I tasted. It was too plain for a pancake called plain pancake😂 I make better pancakes if I’m being honest 😩 but for the price it’s fair enough. But regardless of the price people should taste and eat something substantial.

French Toast

I’ve had better French toast but this wasn’t bad and it was quite a lot. For the price again it was great and if I even return I’ll have it again.

If you’re on a budget then I’ll recommend this place as you can have everything on their menu and when your card is swiped it’ll feel like you spent nothing.

There’s one thing after this review 🤝

It’s either they block me or they check their mistakes and work on it. Whichever it is I’m rating you guys a 5/10

Total Spend

Plain Pancakes:1000

Stuffed Pancakes:2000

French Toast: 1000

Vanilla Milkshake(L):2000

Water :250

Total spend: 6250

Where do you want me to review next?

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