Pinacolada at Zkitchen

Z Kitchen 📍

19 Saka Tinubu Street Victoria Island

What’s your go to meal at a restaurant? Or what’s that meal you see yourself always reordering ?

I had the Char-Grilled King Prawn and I loved it 🤤 It was Perfectly grilled but also juicy enough for a prawn.

For drinks, I ordered the Virgin Pinacolada. It wasn’t properly made, didn’t like it at all (1/10)

Bread was served as complimentary 😌

The cheesecake was really good. I forgot to get a picture.

Great Ambience for fine dining.

It’s best to make a reservation before dining.

Dera’s Take ⭐️

Rating: 7/10

Ambience: Cozy

Best for intimate dining.


Char- Grilled Prawn-13,000

Virgin Pinacolada-2500

Have you been to Zkitchen? Where do you want me to review next.

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