Covid-19 Vaccine?

I finally took my Covid-19 Vaccine✌🏽 (AstraZeneca Vaccine)

As the world is opening up, most countries would use the Vaccine as one of the means of entry into their countries e.g Seychelles, Thailand, Poland etc.

If you’re in Nigeria, it’s very easy to take the vaccine. Check for designated places to take the vaccine at your nearest local government health center.


– Go early in the morning.

– Wear a face mask

– Take a means of ID card.

– Take a cab or go with someone.

People react to the vaccine differently. It’s best to rest after taking it. I had a headache and fever and body pain while my sister had just her arm hurt.

Do not fret. You’ll be fine. After taking the vaccine, you’ll be asked to come back in 2 months or there about for the second dose.

Have you taken the Vaccine?

What was your experience like?

If you need more information about the Vaccine my colleague wrote a post about it be sure to check it out

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