Why Art Painting is the New Found Love

I never imagined painting to be a fun activity so when I found art cafes who created these experiences, I was sold out.

I organized a session for few of my friends as the all-time planner and our Picasso story began 😁

At the cafe, people who have no knowledge of painting or drawing are invited and you’ll definitely leave with an art work of you calling yourself the new Picasso.

There are some locations in Lagos that offer painting sessions. Most locations are in a restaurant you just have to find out when they are organizing it.

1. Casa Mia, Victoria island

2. The Metaphor, Victoria Island

3. Chocolat Royal, Victoria Island

4. Black Olive, Ikoyi

Some sessions come with wines and some come with nothing. Depending on whatever you choose, they all have different packages. They come with an instructor.

Fee- 6,000 and Above

The good thing about this new found enjoyment is that you can host painting sessions for your birthday or events and tell your friends to draw you or whatever. I have had clients who I helped draft up this idea and they were excited at the end.

To enjoy painting sessions, it’s always nice to go with a friend or a group.

I organize painting sessions once in a while. Want to paint? Send a DM or book a spot through my Explore page by sending a message.

On the 14th of February 2021 which happens to be Valentine’s Day. I’m organizing a Paint and Mingle session at Methaphor by 1pm.

Fee-15,000 Naira.

This comes with

-Art Supplies

-Art Instructor

-Snacks and Drinks



Check out @explorewithdera and book a ticket.

If you’re unsure about what to paint , try checking Pinterest for ideas.

Have you ever gone painting ?

Did you enjoy it? Where did you paint at?

Till I write again,


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