Pizza at Panarottis

Before I wrote this post, if you had asked me my go to pizza place, It’ll be dominos (I eat only their barbecue chicken 😖 if you like say it’s bread and stew that’s your business.

I and my friends had a brunch date and we decided to go to panarottis. The pizza was everything you envisaged in a good pizza. Every bite was mouth watering. The chicken in the pizza was large enough to go round.

I forgot to take a picture of our drinks but it was good.

Chicken supreme-5300 medium size

Chapman-1500 (9.5 rating)

Milkshake-1000 (7.5 rating)

Their customer service was top notch. @officialpanarottisnigeria you have to increase Esther’s salary she kept on checking up on us asking if we were okay and kept on updating us on our order till we got it ✅

They have 2 locations

-lekki (Delakes mall lekki)

-Sangotedo (Novare lekki mall sangotedo)

Please who wants to be my date for my return at @officialpanarottisnigeria

Pizza rating-9/10 ✅

Parking space -✅

Budget- 5000 upwards for an average meal

Thank you and Bye ✌🏽

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