Fun Things About Being Nigerian

Happy Independence to Nigeria, 60 years of same ole same ole, but we are so hopeful.

10 Fun things about Nigerians:

• Nigerians are Hustlers, they do anything to make money. Nigerians have a vision, they know what they want from life.

• Nigerians are GoGETTERS; no matter how bad the situation is, we always find a way around. No is not an answer for Nigerians.

• Nigerians are fun filled individuals, we know how to catch cruise and enjoy ourselves. “We no come this life to suffer, we can not come and kill our selves”. Be happy, problems no Dey finish.

• Nigerians are deeply rooted in their rich cultural diversities, each ethnic group is uniquely enjoyable in their own way.

• Nigerians have the best food; leaving Nigeria you will surely miss Banga Soup, Suya, fresh Oha soup, hot Amala and gbegiri with Shaki and kpomo, You know the rest………..

• Nigerians are highly adaptable. Living in Nigeria is a struggle for the strong hearted, a country built to crush every dream, but you see the people flourish beyond the heavy rock tied to their legs to make them drown.

• Nigerians have the best vibe. Good Music all the way, the giants of Africa. Corruption eats deep into everything except the national drip .

• Nigerians are Down to earth people.

• Nigerians have the most innovative art, fashion and dance steps after South Africa then Ghana

• Nigerians hold their family values to the highest esteem. Marry a Nigerian, you’ll never regret it, they are the best partner anybody would have. We have the best men and women.

Being Nigerian should be added as a skill to your CV, it’s so much hard work.

A reminder: Nigeria is the most populated country in the entire continent of Africa, with 195.9 million citizens. The country has over 520 languages, although it retains English as its official language. Lol. (Source: Metro uk )

Let’s celebrate 60 years of Corruption, Genocide, mass looting of our resources

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