The Upbeat Experience 2

I didn’t plan to write a new post about Upbeat Centre reasons being that I had written a previous post about it but with the amount of ‘where’s this? How much does it cost?’ I got yesterday after posting on my social media triggered this post.

Some things have changed at Upbeat Centre because it used to cost 3000 with a free socks for an hour to jump the trampoline and the Go karts either were not working or not available.

Upbeat Centre

Located at 11, Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1 is West African’s 1st Trampoline park and recreation centre.

It acts as a fun and fitness Centre.

More activities have also been added to the Centre and its best to come with a partner, friends or a group to maximize having fun.

I jumped on the trampoline and also took a drive on the Kart.

It was really amazing and I and my partner had a good time.

However, the Kart was pretty small compared to the one I used to drive at Get Arena (they have been closed for 2 years now)

When going, make sure to wear outfits that are very comfortable as you’ll be jumping and running around a lot.

The Go Kart at Get Arena

Enjoyment Forfeit 💴

Go kart-2500 each (15 minutes)

Trampoline-3500 each (1 hour)

Socks-500 each

Have you been to Upbeat Centre?

Do you plan on going there?

Make sure to always go out to have fun

I have 5 opened slots for Kayaking on Saturday the 26th. Please send me a message, an email or leave a comment if interested.

Minister of Enjoyment,


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