Resorts in Lagos to Enjoy Summer

Ever since the lockdown in different parts of Nigeria started, a lot of leisure and entertainment places were closed down and so many people are unsure if they’re now opened and accepting explorers.

From the 14th of August they opened up to the public. Some are strictly by reservations.

Thank me later for this article.

Here are a few resorts in which you can enjoy yourself.

1. Jara Beach Resort:

If you’re all about a serene and private environment in a busy place as Lagos then Jara resort is for you. As the name implies ‘jara’ which is a Yoruba word for extra is all about extra comfort than the norm which you would get.

It’s located in Museyo, Eleko and is accessible by road.

It’s right on the beach and has all the rooms facing the oceans.

They offer luxuries for a short stay time and also overnight stay which varies from kids to adults.

Price Varies ( You can send me a message to book a slot)

2. La Campaigne Tropicana:

The beach resort is entwined in the core freshness of nature amongst virgin trees and the lovely view of the gentle romantic reflection of the setting sun upon the calm Atlantic Ocean.

It’s like the birth place of African vibes as it upholds most of its values including their interior designs plus. Check here to read my full review

Price Varies ( You can send me a message to book a slot)

3. Sencillo Lagos

Do you love Santorini? or by looking at pictures you’ll wish to go there? Sencillo would give you that feel. The view is unexplainable, you have to experience it yourself.

Price Varies ( You can send me a message to book a slot)

4. Lakowe Lakes Golf and Country Estate:

Id love to shake the engineers and architects of this place if I ever get to see them because whattt!!!

It is strategically located within easy reach of the heart of Lagos’ city centre, right on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, but far enough to escape the chaotic Lagos life.

It is 308-hectare community of beautiful lakes, lush palm groves, spa and hospitality resort, sports facilities, and an 18-hole championship golf course. It also has an imposing 55 hectare man-made lake which is the centrepiece of the entire development and is created for relaxation, wellness and recreation.

If your pocket is large then this place would be worth every penny.

Price Varies ( You can send me a message to book a slot)

5. HOV Beach Resort:

It’s a luxurious private beach resort in ilashe.

You’re able to access boat rental, quad bike rental and jetski rentals

It’s the ideal place to spend time with friends relaxing and chilling and also access the beach house resort which has a swimming pool, waterfront, kitchen, outdoor grill and full staff.

Price Varies ( You can send me a message to book a slot)

I hope you really find time and money to enjoy yourself.

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