Places to Enjoy Summer in Lagos while on a Budget

I had to come up with this list because I got exhausted answering too many questions.

I compiled a list of budget friendly resorts worth spending your coins and your vacation.

1. Laguna Beach Resort:

It’s a budget and private beach in lekki situated at the far end of the Akan axis close to the Atican beach.

If you’re looking for luxury at a pocket friendly price then I’d personally recommend Laguna resort.

Entrance fee on weekdays is free but costs N1000 during the weekend. It also has tents in it which is about N5000 for rent.

Talking about it’s beauty it comes in an Italian and Asian Styled theme mixed with some Afrocentric vibes which emits a janded experience. Although the food options are limited It boasts of seaside restaurant experience with fries, finger foods, Asun (Spicy goat meat), coconut juice and exotic drinks.

2. Whispering Palms:

It’s been around for quite a while and is a conference resort centre located in Iworo, Badagry Local Government Area of Lagos State. The resort lies on the lagoon and gives you access Atlantic breeze, sillica sands, palm trees and chirping birds like the proper vacation most people crave abroad. The road within the resort looks fascinating as it lined with palms kernel residue. The environment is entirely quiet and is the opposite of the typical loudness of Lagos.

It has a range of choice of cuisine from Nigeria to continental so your taste bud’s cravings would surely be met.

Price Varies ( You can send me a message to book a slot)

3. Epe Resort

Located in Epe, Lagos. The services and facilities they have include tennis, swimming pool, volleyball, table tennis, basketball, board games and mini football. This resort is great for family and friends. Their rooms include complimentary breakfast for 2 persons sharing.

Price Varies ( You can send me a message to book a slot)

4. Chaka Resort

This is a beach front resort located at Eleko, Lagos. It also caters for daycation and getaways. Lodging gives free access to the pool, beach area, volley ball court, table tennis bar gazebo spots, tyre swings etc. but extra charges for quad bikes(2000) Ocean kayaking and surfing(5000)

Price Varies ( You can send me a message to book a slot)

5. Lacampagne Tropicana

In my next post on summer vacation ideas, I’ll still add it because it caters for budget spending and lavish spending. So whichever budget you have, they’ll work with you. You can read my previous post here

Price Varies ( You can send me a message to book a slot)

Your houses have seen enough of you, it’s time to go out and have fun!!

If you try any of these places please tell me about your experience too !

Make sure to go with friends to enjoy every moment.

Remember that problem no dey finish for this world so try to dey enjoy yourself.

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