Random Things To Expect While At The Market

I’m not one of those who find pleasure in going to the market or cooking. I see it as a lot of work, but as an African lady, these things are like a must, especially if you’re from an average Nigerian home.

New Market, Lekki.

I remember a certain time my mom sent me to the market, and she almost chased me back to the market because of the size of meat I bought. I tried assuring her that it was their best price and the meat was really cost, but she fell on deaf ears.

It was after a while or probably when I started taking care of my needs I realized the importance of bargaining.

5 random things to expect while at the market

1. Prices of items won’t be as you planned: While listing, you can add the prices of your last purchase with +/- 100 which helps you with enough money though the previous prices may not be same, It gives you a mental idea of what each items costs and so tells you approximately how much you’ll need for your market runs.

The pack of Sugar Kehinde buys for N500 became N690 and she still bought it today with anger😂

2. Enough Money: Don’t always make your list based on the price you got the previous times. Some items are genuinely inflated and if you don’t hold extra cash you might be forced to forfeit some of the items on your list or make a scale of preference.

3. Good Eyes: If you need my glasses at this point, I’ll happily lend you if you feel you can’t see well. You need a good eyes without distraction to see what you’re buying so you won’t get cheated or receive the spoilt items. Don’t play iMessage games when buying items so you won’t be like Dera who almost got spoilt chicken.

4. Good Bargaining Skills: Most times the sellers inflate the price of their goods and would cajole you to think that’s the actual price on ground, Don’t give in.

You can also bargain for stuffs in pairs than a single item (I’ve found it to be cheaper) eg A plate of tomatoes could be N200 but you can buy 2 plates for N300 that way you have more tomatoes at a cheaper rate.

5. You must be ready to Walk: I don’t know how this particular ideology came up but it’s said that the more you walk deeply into the market, the cheaper and fresher stuffs are. It works for my mother because I hate stress in this life as I was born to enjoy only.

Till today, I hate going to Eko market with my mother.

Whenever you go to New Market please buy Okras and Onions from this man they’re always fresh.


– Sellers would try to touch you or fight for your attention to buy their wares. Just try to be calm and hold your money properly.

– Go with your head to the market. Whilst they’re calculating every item purchased, do yours as well (either with your phone or calculator) so as to be sure that the total amount tallies with each party.

– Walking makes you get the best deals cos often times those who sell along the roads buy from those inside the inner market 😂 and as such would inflate the prices.

– You can try to buy stuffs together eg (Vegetable oil, groundnut oil, spices, salt and the likes) instead of joggling from one shop to another. I’ve found that at the end of the day, the seller gives a discount on the large purchase. And it also avoids you the stress of carrying your bags less they spill.

I hope my ideas above helped you🤗

If you can also relate please leave a comment.

Thank you.

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Till I write again,

Dera the Explorer ✈️

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