The caption above is my slogan or should I call it my watchword.

You’d agree with me that at some point or at a time of the year, we all need to make a trip to get some gelato and more but without funds we can only mesmerize about it.

In as much as we’d want to hit the road and have fun, we need to be sure our accounts are ready also and without casualties afterwards.

I mean, going on a trip seems like a lot of money would be involved and for an average person who isn’t smart about it, I can imagine the intensity of hiccups your account would face after the trip.

If you’re reading this post it means you want to take that trip and at the same time do not want to choke on debts and I must say that I’m proud of you so sit tight and read some of the rights ways to do this.


The advantage of this account is that you earn very good rates on the money deposited, then you can easily subscribe or liquidate with the use of a STANBIC IBTC mobile app.

This is better rather than opening a normal savings account that would yield little or nothing at the end of the day.


I can’t emphasize on how alarming most of us lavish money ranging from impulse buying to pressurized shopping or irrelevant things we pick up on our way from work or a place simply because we feel we need it at that point.

Reducing your expenses doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of stuffs. It just differentiates your desires from your needs, you’ll need to be sure what you’re getting is important or what you’re doing is really worth it. Logical examples include; packing your food yourself instead of grabbing lunch at work.

You’d be surprised at how fat your bank account would be by the end of the month due to the absence of unnecessary spending.


Saving in foreign currency is a realistic way to save because it not only helps you from lending out money, it gives you a nearly factual figure of what your expenses would look like. I mean if you’re saving in dollars to go to the United States you’d not be exactly bothered about the inflation or deflation of naira to dollar and it’ll also be easier to save without touching it.


Aside getting a savings accounts which most strong headed people might still penetrate, an online Saving bank would be of help too.

You can always safelock your money ie, you put a certain amount of money that you can’t touch for as long as your lock duration is. When you do that, you’re allowed to send money to it but not withdraw the money till your withdrawal time is due. I find that a really efficient way to save. Another option could be a change jar a.k.a kolo, little changes stored for long amount up to something tangible, so if you save small change for a while you’d be surprised at how much money you’d have gotten when you break the kolo.

You can check @kololagos on Instagram if you need to buy one.

I also use a whole lot of saving apps but I recommend




Lastly and importantly, research on your travel destination.

Research their cost of living, if they have what you actually want based on tourist experience, their lifestyle, weather condition at that point and anything you feel would be necessary. Google would have to be your best friend on this.

Now that you’ve been properly schooled, I wish you the very best as you embark on your trip after the Coronavirus pandemic is over

I also help groups or individuals in planning budget friendly trips😉

Feel free to share your experience or additional tips that might be useful in the comment section.

Thank you!!

If you got to this point you can wish me a Happy Birthday 🎉🎉🎉

Your Favorite Explorer,

Dera ✈️

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  1. Thank you for the tips Dera.
    Happy birthday Dera,
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    Have an amazing day, its your best year yet and all your heart desires shall be granted llnp

  2. Happy birthday Minister of enjoyment! Smart money spender 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 Thank you for this baby girl it was really insightful 😘

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