I planned to embark on a trip Easter 2020 to celebrate my birthday but because of the COVID-19 it became rather impossible but thankfully I got refunded in full. This 😭 means I get to spend my birthday in Nigeria.

I also started a post on tourist spots to visit this Easter but because of Corona Virus we’ll be indoors.

I’ll be listing 4 things to keep yourself busy this period.


Instead of sleeping all day and doing nothing. You can take free courses on Brit and upon check out use the coupon code SELFCARE. You could also check Coursera, Udemy and Skill-share for free courses this period. Thank me later for this.


Try reading a book everyday and if you can’t at least start one but if you don’t have hard copies go on or free ebooks sites and download some books to read. You’ll be doing your brain some help. If you’ve been reading tell me the books you’ve read in the comment section let’s interact.


I’m guilty of this. I hope you haven’t eaten eleven times already while reading this post. Take long walks or rather climb your step if you have one or instead download YouTube videos to start your fit fam journey and eat more of vegetables than carbohydrates. You can also use this period to de-cluster your space, your room it’s also a form of exercise and also the best time to do it is now.


All those things you said you wanted to in the course of the year, now is the time to start drafting them. Coronavirus hopefully would soon be over so take the opportunity to start thinking and executing them in your head.

Where’s the first place you want to travel once this pandemic is over?

For me, it’ll either be Kenya, Capeverde or London.

Then I’ll like to visit Eric Kayser and Cafeteria again once this pandemic is over. Who wants to go with me?

Tell me yours in the comment section.

This too shall pass away. Don’t forget to wash your hands frequently and stay indoors.

Your Explorer✈️



  1. Oh! this was an interesting read with lots of informative tips. Thanksss cos I was already going out of my mind. I have my eyes on those free courses, can’t let a good freebie go to waste. I’ve been eating a whole lot sadly and I don’t think I’m stopping any time soon. God go help me when all this is over 😖❤️

    1. Lmao. Ugoeze even if you eat a whole ocean of food. You can’t add weight and you know. Keep eating. How’s your pussy cat meanwhile 😂

  2. Beautiful write up. I hope alot of people come out of this pandemic better than how they went into it… In all aspects 🤭
    I have read 2 books: The image of Africa by Chinua Achebe and 50ways of being a great public speaker by Douglas Kruger

  3. Beautiful write up! I hope everyone comes out of this pandemic better than how they went in… In all aspects 🤭
    I have read 2 books; An Image of Africa by Chinualumogu Achebe and 50ways of becoming a great speaker by Douglas Kruger.

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