New Year, New Restaurant Review.

It was close of work and my colleague asked I and Onyinye to follow him to a new spot he had discovered🤗 It wasn’t far from the office and so we strolled down.


Located at Bayelsa State Liaison Office.

No 30, Bishop Oluwole Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

In less than a minute after taking our seats, a

waiter attended to us and noted down our orders.

That’s Onyinye hiding from the camera

My colleague made us understand that they majorly sold swallow. I ordered Wheat and Afang soup with Tilapia as my protein. Onyinye and my colleague had Wheat and Sea food okro and Goat meat as their protein.

The food was served in 10 minutes.

It tasted real good except that my Afang didn’t have periwinkles😡 that’s one of the reasons why I order Afang. Onyinye said her food tasted so great too.

The serving size was also large and we couldn’t finish it.

Their space was neatly arranged and spacious enough and I loved how courteous their staff was. He also tried to explain to me that some people were allergic to periwinkles so except on order they didn’t just add periwinkles to the Afang except you ordered for sea food.

I’ll definitely be returning back only if they assure me that I’ll get periwinkles in my Afang. PERIODT!


It’s a New Year

Tell me your plans for this year.

Your Favorite Explorer,



  1. No periwinkle inside Afang ke🙄 😤 😀😀😀 all this restaurant will be giving us adulterated Afang🙄 #saynotoadultratedafang. Well done baby girl ❤️ Aka Deramoney 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  2. Dera money😅😅
    Well i heard periwinkles in afang soup can mostly be seen in specific kitchen E.g Calabar kitchen(which is their specialty)
    Most normal eateries don’t include it cause alot of people may not prefer it and e no go move market like that, LOL.
    I was told this.
    P:S : no be everybody like afang cause of the periwinkle inside shaa

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