I had always wanted to experience Christmas in another city and after much thoughts, I chose Ghana because I had stalled my previous trips severally to Ghana.

First thing I did was check the price of flights and get a hotel or a guest house to lodge.

I plan a whole lot in my head so before I embark on a trip, I make my bookings 4-5 months ahead.

I got a nice guest house in Ayimensah called Archers view court. It costs 100 dollars per night and has 3 rooms all ensuite. WiFi, Dstv and every other necessary things you’ll need is made available.

It’s better if you’re with a group so you can cut cost. It was a solo trip, hence I spent more and as I’m writing this piece, I’m in hot tears😂 Please help me beg my father to pick my call, I just want to greet him😂

I arrived Ghana on the 24th of December and settled in #dettydecemberactivated

The next day was Christmas so my partner helped me call a cab to take me to several places in Accra.

Kwame Nkrumah’s Tomb

I visited the Black star square, Kwame Nkrumah memorial center (this was kinda touching because I wasn’t allowed to take pictures at the museum) Ghanaians really love him just the way South Africans love Nelson Mandela. Nigerians who do we love? Buhari🤷🏾

I visited Independence square beach, Labadi beach hotel (lmao 2 beaches in a day. Na me😂🙌🏽) then we ended the Christmas by tasting Ghana Jollof and trying to watch a movie at Accra Mall.

Labadi Beach
Independence beach
It costs 10 Cedis to enter here as a foreigner.

I was too excited to taste their Jollof. I liked it but Nigerian Jellof anytime, any day. I also tried their fried rice but I wasn’t a fan.

Now let’s talk about the food. I’m very bad at trying other countries food😂 You don’t want to see my face after I ate the famous Dubai Shawarma. I always try to have a taste of new meals whenever I go to a new place.


I tried the Wakye (the complete Wakye not the one you guys have in Lagos) It was confusing at first but I actually ate a lot of it.

Banku, Kenke and Tilapia

Then next was the Banku and Tilapia. I ate just the tilapia, I tried the Banku and Kenke and I couldn’t swallow it. I’m glad I tasted it and I can confidently tick it off my box.

The exchange rate is 1cedis-65Naira.

They use this mostly for their cabs

Ghanaians are nice people. I almost got lost and an elderly man volunteered to follow me around until I got a cab. Ghanaians take things slowly and they have constant electricity🙆🏽 Their roads are good and you can visit 10 places in a day and still make it in time for a dinner date.

The good thing is you don’t even have to fly to Ghana. GUO, GIG go by road to Ghana. So if you want to save more money, you can choose the road option. You can either have a passport or not, you’ll be allowed.

Bloom Bar

I totally enjoyed my stay in Ghana and I’ll definitely be returning back to visit when I have the chance. I’m so glad I went during the Christmas period.


Lodge- 100 Dollars/570 Cedis per night

Wakye-15 Cedis (950 Naira

Jollof and chicken- 25 Cedis (1500 Naira

Banku and Tilapia-30 Cedis (1900

Kenke- 1 Cedis (65 Naira

Without Cowrywise,I wouldn’t have been able to save up for this trip.

Have you ever been to Ghana?

Would you want to go to Ghana?

Do you know I help people plan mini vacations?

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Your favorite Ajala🌎

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  1. Hello dera, No ‘now playing’.
    Honestly cowrywise is that flexible. Ghana sounds cool from your view.

    Meanwhile tell us more about you planning mini-vacations. Firstly What’s a mini vacation?

    1. I hope you can see this. If you can try sending me a dm or if you have my number a whatsapp message. A mini vacation is one in which you pack your bag for a few days on a budget to somewhere else to just have fun or rest.

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