I checked the time and it was 4.25pm. I was famished and I wanted to give myself a treat because I had worked so hard the previous month in reaching my personal goals. Earlier I had checked on the next restaurant to review and Fogodelagos came knocking.

I and @restaurantcritic had to plead with our boss to let us out earlier because we had stalled during our lunch break.


Located at No. 16 Waziri Ibrahim, Victoria Island Lagos.

Their space is so large that you can conveniently have get togethers or parties there. They also have rooms for stays.

It has a large space which consists of the restaurant, swimming pool, lounge, bar, etc.

I ordered the Italian sauce and basmati rice and requested for a Chapman while waiting.

It took approximately 30 minutes for my meal to get prepared which is a great timing since they’re prepared from scratch (a la carte)

My food tasted so good and whenever I’m back at Fogodelagos, I’ll have the Italian sauce again.

I had finished my drink before my food came 😂 so I ordered a banana milkshake while my food arrived. It was too nice, I forgot to take a picture 😭


Italian Sauce and Basmati Rice- 4000


Banana Milkshake-2000

I’ll rate them an 8/10

Have you ever been to Fogodelagos?

What did you have?

Let me know in the comment section below.



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