Getting invited to tourism gatherings is a plus for me because it shows how much effort I’m putting in my work.

I got invited to Upbeat Centre and I had way too much of fun.

Before I commence, is there any restaurant you want me to visit soon? Do let me know in the comment section.


Located at 11, Admiralty way, Lekki Phase 1 is West African’s 1st Trampoline park and recreation centre.

It is a multipurpose recreational facility that acts as a fun and fitness centre. I had seen lots of pictures about it on Instagram so I was glad to finally experience it myself.

Bring your children here and thank me later.

On getting there, you’ll have to sign a waiver that you’re above 18 years of age.

The Socks

Tickets cost 2500 on weekdays and 3500 on weekends. The ticket gives you an access to the trampoline and you have to purchase a socks of 500 for an hour. You can decide to purchase more tickets for more than an hour.

It was a struggle getting out of here.

I couldn’t even spend more than 20 minutes at the trampoline section after jumping and falling a lot of times. I moved to the foam section which was harder but in all It was so much fun, and my body could explain that the next day which resulted to massages 🌚

Try viewing the outdoor section from here.

The Upbeat Centre also has an outdoor basketball court, a go kart section, fitness facilities, retail spaces and fitness games to indulge in.

I totally enjoyed myself and I’ll definitely be returning back. It’s fun if you go with friends or family.

Have you ever been to UPBEAT CENTRE?

How was your experience like?

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