“If it isn’t on the gram, it’s a scam”.

I sincerely like how I can travel to certain places I’m sure my forefathers never went to and I love how I embark on these trips and take pictures. These pictures are the official receipt of my vacations because firstly, no one wants to hear audio vacations and no other receipt can deliver better and secondly because I love to feed the eyes of my imaginary fans on the gram. 

Sincerely you’d actually agree with me that pictures not only keep memories but also show levels on standards ever since Nigerians mentality started dwelling on the ideology that only people who traveled out of the country were smart and rich so please allow me to live in the moment lol

This time last year I kept on looking for cheap flights to Kenya. 

You must be wondering why Kenya right ??

Well, why not Kenya ?

I mean is it because its an African country or …….???

I chose Kenya and I had no regrets. Like I mean, what was there not to love about it ?

It has one of the best Wildlife experience in their national parks and reserves, it has isolated islands and it’s sincerely an unrivaled land with a Very high range of diversity. 

Then again, I’m building up my international passport so it looks really pretty just the way my curriculum vitae ispopping.

Let’s not ignore the fact that entry is as simple as ever. Kenyan authorities currently have an e-visa system and a single entry visa should cost around $60

So yeah, I eventually traveled to Kenya after sorting it all out. 

I posted this bomb picture and immediately my comment section was seriously engaged. I couldn’t even keep my phone two seconds away because my notifications could blow up at that point (lol I’m exaggerating)

People were very much surprised that I went to Kenya and that it was that pretty and the rest of them kept hailing and calling me Dera of Lagos, some even tagged me as another actress from the reality show ‘Rich Kids of Beverly Hills’ 

What they didn’t know or understood was the fact that I legit traveled at an awoof price. 

Yes dear, you heard me. 

This means that I had an unaltered experience at an even cheaper price. Being the typical Igbo girl that I was, I would be damned to actual spend so much on a trip and come back home broke. People could actually do that for the gram but that is certainly not this girl here. 

In as much as I would always want to go on constant trip, I’d have to keep a mindful watch on my pocket. So if you love luxury, standard as well as discount please gather around, I have few tips to let out which I’m sure you would love.

The major thing you need to do is to PLAN

Planning encompasses all angle of your vacation. 

You need to plan at least months before the date so it goes as planned. I try to get my tickets as soon as I know where I’m heading too. 

You need to know the country that suits the vacation experience you’re craving and also to travel during seasons or periods that suits you. Imagine traveling during fall when you’re a summer person or maybe traveling to China to get the best out of the place and you travel during the Chinese New Year when activities would barely be running, you’d end up regretting it. 

So is important to take that into consideration 

Make enquiries and compare travel expenses from different airlines so you know what exactly you’re doing

This actually sounds like a lot to do especially for people with a tight schedule or people that are fond of making mistakes or being disorganized. It’s also starting to look like a lot of money is involved but No dears. 


Travelstart Black Friday deals is here to the rescue as it’s starting from November 25, 2019 till December 5, 2019 and trust me when I say the price is very much worth and Yes that’s the secret to my luxurious travel to Kenya. I take opportunities when I can.

I feel like I just let out a big secret but then this is me being compassionate to allow my fellow citizens enjoy life. If you miss this Flight Deals, I don’t know what other deal as good as this would come your way.

You’d also need to know how their accommodation runs and find what favors you, I don’t expect you to be struggling with your luggage and asking for hotels from people, they might not even be speaking your language or you can fall into the wrong hands so don’t risk it. 

Don’t say I did nothing. 

Enjoy your trip in advance.


  1. wow!! kenya? how come i never thought of it, hmmmm… i have been thinking and planning for years (lol) on how and when to visit luxurious countries and cities like UAE, Vegas and the rest of them, but just look at kenya, kenya oooo nwanne m lol, thanks for this Dera, i think i should also look out for our African countries too eventually if i do not meet up with Black Friday discounts. I mean it doesn’t look bad at all..

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