Located at Fourteen36 Mall, Sanusi Fafunwa Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

I was on my way to review a cafe shop (name withheld) and I looked just by my left and there was something different about Michelle’s cafe.

I entered and I knew I wasn’t going back to the previous one.

I and my friends settled in, tried to take some pictures of the cafe and then placed our order.

I requested for a croissant but they gave a flimsy excuse that they didn’t sell croissant because their competitor sold it. I actually went to their competitor to get croissant. The sky is big enough for everyone never forget that🤦🏾‍♀️

We got 3 cups of latte, 2 bread buns and 1 Chocolate cake which was perfect for a non-sweet tooth.

In little or no time, we got our order. The ambiance was very simple and I felt very comfortable in it.

I enjoyed my meal, the customer service and free WIFI. I might be returning back.


Latte- 1200

Chocolate cake- 500

Bread Bun- 200

I got interviewed by Workaroo, Kindly click the link to read🌚

Christmas is almost upon us, what plans do you have?

Do you have any new place you’ll like me to visit?

Drop a comment let’s connect.



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