It wasn’t my first time at Popcorn Palace but I lost all the pictures I took on my first visit. I decided to do a revisit because who gets tired of popcorn? Not me.

When I saw Popcorn palace for the first time it made me excited to know that people are thinking out of the box and doing something different.


Located at Plot 10 Block 124 T.F. Kuboye Road, off Oniru New Market Rd, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

It has a small space so you can only walk-in, get whatever you want and move out immediately.

They had up to 8 flavors of popcorn; sweet, caramel, orange, raspberry, pizza, blueberry, salty, chocolate etc.

I told the attendant that I was going to have a taste of everything before I make my preference and he agreed.

I started with Chocolate and ended with the Pizza flavor (the worst) he warned me actually.

At the end of the tasting spree. I settled for the salty popcorn. It’s so affordable. 

I got home and found out the attendant mixed sweet and salty together. It was large so I had to share it with my mom who ate up all the salty part.

I’ll definitely be going back to the Popcorn Palace.

It’s actually the first of its kind that I have seen in Nigeria.

They also sell waffles, slush, Ice cream, water and soft drinks


Popcorn-650 (Jumbo size)

Have you ever been to Popcorn Palace?

What was your experience like?

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9 thoughts on “POPCORN PALACE #REVIEW”

  1. Wow,popcorn expensive shit that gives u cough at the end of the day..yes we have this kind in usa and very sweet to eat but definitely won’t spend my money or else someone buys it for me..lol

  2. İ think salty pop corns are the best and i think there are creamy ones too, not sure but all in all it is a brilliant piece. Glad that there is the posibility to xplore popcorns. İ think if they as good as you say then they should think of branding and selling in chain stores… All good… Bam bam fi lyf… i see you.

  3. Nice review Sounds like a nice place to take my LITTLE NINJAS they would be so confused on which flavour to pick . Thanks Dera , keep up to great work.

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