I know you’re surprised that it’s barely a week you read a post and I have another one ready.

This is because I have decided to be consistent with my craft and look for positivity wherever I can find it.

Currently listening to Sancta Maria by Enya…..please I’m not weird🌚


Located at 17, Adeola Odeku Victoria Island Lagos. (Same place with Cubana night club)

They have the best salad I have ever tasted and since I put on weight I have frequently visited them (I dunno if it’s working😭)

I had the pineapple and Banana smoothie which tasted so great and my partner could testify to it. I forgot to take a picture before I finished it 😂

This is how the smoothie looked.

I and my partner also ordered the Chicken and Avocado salad and all I can say is buy it and thank me later.

You can either eat it at their store or do a takeaway.



Chicken Salad-1800

Parking space- 10-20 cars can be parked

Environment- Neat and welcoming

Customer Service- Efficient

*Have you ever been to Smoothie Express?

*What was your experience like?

* Are you also on this fit fam journey 😭

*What do you plan to have there when you visit or do you know anywhere else I can get healthy salads?

*Tell me where you want me to visit next or where you think I would be visiting next.

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10 thoughts on “FIT FAM LIFESTYLE”

  1. Come to my house, in my room at a corner… No delivery just order and finish at a spot… Holla if interested

  2. Nice fam. LOL
    I come around to Odeku alot for work but never thought of going into smoothieexpress. My fav spot is hubmart. Now i’m thinking of trying it. 🤔
    Hey dera! Tried Sugarcane at v.i too?🤗

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