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My friends took me to a cool spot on the Island and after that we have had repeated visits but only in the evenings.

Double Four-(44)

Located at Palms Mall, Oniru Victoria Island Lagos, 

The interior looked nice and sophisticated. Although, there were more white people who visited there. It’s safe to say that it’s a hangout spot for the expatriates who are in Nigeria.

If you ever want an Instagram picture that’ll pepper your haters too, this place would do justice to it. It looked so beautiful at night, now think of it at noon.

I had the Baked fish and Chips at the side.  I’ll definitely be returning back mainly because of the Baked Fish.

My Partner had mashed potatoes and Persian black sauce……Mine was preferred more.

We both had the Exotic juice and we usually have it almost every time we visit. If you ever visit, order this and thank me later)


Exotic drink -3500 each
Baked Fish and Chips- 4800
Mashed potatoes and Persian black sauce-5000

Serene and environment – Very beautiful and classy.

They also have a sit out

Customer Service- Top notch and overly efficient.

Parking Space- Large

I’ll give 44 a 7/10.


They have cots for babies where you can place your kid and enjoy your meal. Beautiful innit?

*Have you ever been to Double four-(44)?

*What was your experience like?

*What do you plan to eat there when you visit?

*Tell me where you want me to visit next or where you think I would be visiting next.

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  1. Been there and i must say its a wonderful place. Their steak is awesome. And i also had their burger with fries by the side. Lovely review Dera . Keep it up.

  2. Been there and i must say its a wonderful place. Their steak is awesome and i also had their burger with fries by the side. Lovely review dera. Keep it up. 😚😚

  3. Hmmm! I really like the ambience. Feels like a multipurpose hangout spot for both dates or girls night out.

  4. Great post! Good content. Can’t wait to experience their menus myself! Noted this in particular πŸ˜‚
    Weldone dear!

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