Hi guys,
Welcome back to my blog and also happy new month ❤ This is my birth month so if you’re reading this, wish me a Happy Birthday.

I’m so excited although I’m not really a fan of birthdays but this year I decided I would be happy throwing a solo concert for myself and Debbs (Onyinye understands this).


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I have actually been in my feelings this year and after having series of  conversations with my mentors I’ve been trying to be better. I can say I’m ready to restart the year.

Meanwhile, ……I’m putting up this blog post because of the pressure I’ve been getting from all of you who are my readers. I actually do this for you all.

A quick one…..Do you have goals?

What type of goals do you have?

Do you write monthly or yearly?

Do you stick to them?

My goals for the remaining months in 2019 are divided into 5 major areas and they are;

  • Financial goals: I feel everyone should have a financial plan for the year. How much do you intend to have weekly or monthly in your bank account? How much do you intend to save this year? For more about financial goals, CowryWise can help you with saving more and investing. Who wants to attend my party after I get my investment from Cowrywise? hahahha….I’m doing no party instead I’ll REPEAT the process.
  • Career goals: Everyone should actually have a career plan and work towards it. It ends up with you. You should do something that gives you inner peace. Try to be a better person everyday.
  • Business goals: In business it’s only normal to make mistakes and learn. I made a lot of mistakes last year that led me to close one of my businesses for months but I don’t regret a thing and I’ll be back and better.
  • Spiritual goals: This is personal and whatever you want is between you and your creator. You can pencil it down and try to act by it. Being closer to God solves a lot of problems.
  • Travel goals: This one is personal for me. If you have money you should at least travel to a new place every year or twice in a year. Traveling opens up your mindset to a lot of things. I’ll be organizing a group travel this year and I’m so excited.

Having a goal is really beautiful especially if it’s a monthly goal it puts you on track.

Tell me what goals you have for the remaining year.

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36 thoughts on “APRIL AFFIRMATIONS”

  1. Lovely read as always! I totally agree with you about drafting down your goals, the travel goals got me. My next destination would be South Africa 😁
    BTW don’t forget to keep us posted on your group travel!

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you learnt. I keep learning everyday and trying to share my bit. I’ll keep you in the loop🤗

    1. 😂😂😂😂😂 Don’t be pained. I had a party in my head not a physical one. Besides when are you taking me to Dubai.

  2. Quite remarkable ‘Dera. I’m impressed with the simplicity, clarity and breadth of your writings. Please keep them coming.

    I hope you include me in your travel plans 🙂 😀

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