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I had been postponing my visit to Eric Kayser for a restaurant review, finally had no choice when I came back from my trip. I decided to go with my Favorite girl Debbs ❤



Located at 864, Bishop Aboyade Cole Street Victoria Island Lagos, is an epitome of class.

I was amazed at how the interior looked. Although, there were more white people and it felt like we were abroad😂


If you ever want an Instagram picture that’ll pepper your enemies, this place would do justice to it.

We were given bread at first, I got to find out its the norm because the ”Kaysers” are known for their bread.


I felt like I was in Paris although I have never been there. Also, they had a beautiful wine collection.


I had the Asian Salad while Debbs had the Chicken Ceasar Salad. My Salad tasted better and she practically ate up my salad 😂 I’ll definitely be returning back mainly because of the salad.☺️

Asian Salad.

Asian Salad. 

Chicken Ceasar Salad.

Chicken Ceasar Salad. 

I had the Passion fruit juice and Debbs had Virgin Mojito also, she preferred mine again then we swapped….(things we do for love 💕)

I had the Chicken Milanese and she had the Maison Kayser Lasagna which we both loved.


I also ordered the Pepperoni Pizza and she had the Tropicana pizza. (We ate a lot 😂) We had takeaways because we couldn’t finish everything. Their portion size is huge.


Finally, for dessert, I had the chocolate gelato and Debbs had the cheesecake gelato but this time, I preferred hers.

Chocolate mixed with Vanilla.

Chocolate mixed with Vanilla. 

Cheese Cake.

Cheese Cake. 



Asian Salad -4800
Chicken Ceasar Salad- 5000
Pepperoni Pizza-4500
Tropicana Pizza-4200
Erick kaiser lasagna-4800
Chicken Milanese-5000
Virgin Mojito-2500
Passion fruit juice- 2000
Gelato-800 per scoop each
Water (Big)-700

No VAT or TAX required.

Serene and environment – Very beautiful and classy.


Customer Service- Top notch and very efficient.


Parking Space- Very Small, We had to park at another restaurant (name withheld) 😂


I’ll give Eric Kayser a 9/10.


They have children play space upstairs and also a smoking area outside the main building. Beautiful innit?


*Have you ever been to Eric Kayser?

*What was your experience like?

*What do you plan to eat there when you visit?

*Tell me where you want me to visit next or where you think I would be visiting next.

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