This New Year, I’m doing it all for you

Happy New Year Readers and Welcome back to my blog🤗

First, I did some rebranding and now I finally have my own website. You see these things I do, I do it all for you😂

I promise to make you so angry with beautiful contents.

Recently, I visited a place in Festac Town called NATIVES. I was so impressed because I had been there with my folks in 2018 and on returning back there things were just as new as they started.


Location: 32 road Festac town, Lagos. It wasn’t hard getting to Natives since I know my way around Festac.

We got in and right there was a BELL we had to press to alert the waiter that we were ready to take our orders. I know you’re wondering Bell? Oh yeah. They are so organized.

The waitress brought the Menu and looking through what they had. I’ll say their prices are so affordable. (Affordable is relative)

I was amazed on how clean, organized and spacious the restaurant was. Their waitresses wear native work outfit to bring out the nativeness in them. 😂

I also liked the fact that you could see the chefs prepare your food through a glass. (Amazing right?)

They had 4 Tv’s with different programs showing while subtle music was being played in the background. On the walls were pictures of African icons which really made them unique.

My Sister and I ordered their Native rice with goat meat. According to them they make it from the scratch so takes about 30 minutes to get prepared. Eventually the food came and it tastes as good as it looks.

I also ordered their Watermelon juice as per fitfam😪 tasted okay to me.

The next time I visit Natives, I’ll have their Fisher man soup as my dad says it’s really nice. Maybe you should too😉


Native Rice- 550 per portion

Watermelon juice- 550

Water- 220

Goat meat -330

No Vat or Tax required.

Serene and Environment- Clean and Beautiful.

Parking Space- 10 cars or more could fit.

Customer Service- Efficient.

I’ll give Natives an 8.5/10.

*Have you ever been to Natives?
*What was your experience like?
*What do you plan to eat there when you visit?

*Tell me where you want me to visit next or where you think I would be visiting or touring next.

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