Hi guys 👋🏾 if you’re reading this, Welcome back to my blog.

It’s Christmas already and I’m excited because I know I’ll eat plenty chicken. It’s not like I don’t eat plenty chicken on a regular but Christmas chicken is always sweeter ☺️ can I get an Amen somebody.


‘This post is dedicated to those who are looking for where to go this Christmas but are on a budget. I’m your plug to everything so thank me later.

I’ll be writing out 5 places you should visit this Christmas without breaking the bank. Well depends on what’s in your account.

5. Rufus and Bees

Yeah Rufus and Bees yen yen yen. Go there and have fun. There are games for everyone there. I also have coupons that can make you pay half of the price of their games there. Better still read my post about Rufus and Bees here.


If you’re a lover of art, trust me this is the right place for you and guess what it’s Free entry for everyone.


YES! I look like a life size teddy bear

Omu Resort is third on my list but if you’re looking for fun with friends and family. ‘I repeat friends and family’ then Omu Resort is the best place for you. I have written a blogpost about this, so kindly check it out again if you’re interested in going to Omu Resort for Christmas here


Have you had their brunch, ask them for their brunch menu and thank me later. The ambience, customer service and white men *winks* are everything. They sell varieties of croissants, gelatos etc. It’s located at 864 Bishop Aboyade Cole Victoria Island.


This tops my No. 1 on the places to go with a low budget for Christmas. When you think about having to eat good food with great portion size and still not breaking the bank, think BIBIS grill house. It’s located at the Maryland Mall, 2nd floor. I once had their spaghetti and Mackerel. I was totally in love and I couldn’t finish it alone.

I have come to a conclusion about the top 5 places you should visit. Remember it’s only a suggestion.

If you need any help choosing a place my DMs are open.

*Have you ever been to any of the place I listed above? 
*What was your experience like? 
*What do you plan to do or eat there when you visit?

*Tell me where you want me to visit next or where you think I would be visiting next.

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