#TravelNigeria – My Enugu Tales 2

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I and my friends traveled down to Enugu for so many reasons, but one of it was to experience adventure, and we sure did.  Enugu means “On a hill or hilltop” so it has a lot of rocky landscape.

I alone was travelling back to Lagos the next day which was on a Sunday and the plan was to visit -Ngwo Cave, Pine forest and of course, stop by at the polo park to get on their famous roller coaster.

Photcredit- Adaeze Ndu.

I had read a lot about the Pine forest, Ngwo cave and waterfall, that I just had to go check it out for myself. Climbing up to the cave was really an experience, because nothing I had ever read about the Ngwo cave prepared me for what I actually met.

Queen mother of Pictures

We chartered a cab and paid 1000 each. The 1000 comprised of the trip to the cave and also the money we contributed for the person that directed us to the cave. I disliked the man because he was in a hurry and didn’t let us take all the nice pictures we wanted💁🏽‍♀️ (He even cursed us in Igbo…..but he was talking to his ancestors abeg😛).

The Pine forest, cave, and waterfall are located in the same vicinity so it was very easy for us to do everything all at once.


Pine forest is literally just a large stretch of land filled with pine trees. Nothing actually goes on there (na grass and trees you go just see) However, it was still quite nice to finally see the pine forest with my own eyes and mentally tick it off my list.

I had also expected it in my head to be more organized with people asking for entrance fees, ticket fees and all of that but I was happy, because I’m all about that free life. But I was scared lowkey because there was no form of security, It was just a deserted space where people had some farms there at a corner.

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We stood around for a while trying to figure out how to proceed and also taking pictures…because we are all about the gram life before being approached by a man who knew that he could get money from us. After a bit of back and forth, we settled on paying him N2000 to act as our tour guide to the cave.

Ngwo cave and waterfall.

The journey through the Ngwo cave and waterfall was one of the hardest things ever for me. It was so tiring and the worst was when we were returning back, I was panting and almost crying 😂 at some point. It’s basically because I’m unfit😪. If you’re fit, this wouldn’t be a problem.

Photocredit- Oparaboy

We finally got to the cave (which also houses the waterfall) and I was excited. The walls of the cave were also very interesting and filled with unique markings, which to me it was like I was in the days of my ancestors.

Call me Thickeleodeon…hahhaha. My slides are from Kene Rapu.

I was disappointed to see how littered the floor was. The cave was poorly managed, and there was no form of security. I was finally happy to see Ngwo cave and the Pine forest and finally tick it off my travel list.

I was low-key scared… In my head I was like what if?…………..

A Few Tips From My Ngwo Experience

  1. Go with friends or family to make it very interesting, but please don’t go alone.
  2. Wear rubber slippers or crocs you can use to enter water. Don’t be like me that wore leather slippers after warning my friends to wear slippers and not sneakers.
  3.  Don’t expect too much. It’s not all that.


We made a stop at the Polo Park (Shoprite) mall to get on the roller coaster (This ride was very slow but nice according to my friends). I didn’t get on it because I wasn’t in the mood.

Bobo didn’t want me to take these pictures….but oh well, I succeeded…so in your face halla.



Later that night I met up with an old friend Udochukwu, and we visited Ntachi-osa. It’s a place where food is sold. It just reminds me of The place in Lagos…well just their prices.  The place is more organized and cleaner. Ntachi-osa made me laugh with their food arrangement because they have 3 sections where food are sold and the prices defer. The food sold outside, is cheaper than the one sold inside and also upstairs but it is still run by the same management and they all wear the same costume.

Enugu is really a beautiful city! It is an entire vibe. There are other tourist sites like the Udi hills, Awhum falls and Nike lake. I definitely plan to visit Enugu again and again and this time my Aunt (Iphie) and Uncle (Uche) must be around so that I can spend their money and not mine😂. I visited some of my friends who were staying in places like Thinkers corner, New haven at Enugu

Lool…my friend Amaka (skittles) owns a pepper spray. She plans to spray out the eyes of Enugu men.

I also had the opportunity to take a picture from a hill. It makes you see most of the places in the city.

It was still a very nice experience and I was happy that I made the trip down and created beautiful memories. Exploring new places is definitely a mood for me.

Learning how to take flat-lay photos…hohohohoho

Have you ever been to Enugu or the Ngwo cave and waterfall? What was your experience like? or what do you plan to do there?

Tell me where you want me to visit next or where do you think I’m visiting next?

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