If you’re reading this, Welcome to my blog! 😂 I should change this my intro…but oh well💁🏽‍♀️

On this episode, I’ll be penciling down my fun-filled experience at Enugu, My trip to Ngwo caves, polo park and Pine forest, My stay at Universal hotels and also My visit to Chicken Republic.


Enugu is relatively a young state founded only in 1991. It was carved out of the Old Anambra State. The name Enugu is derived from the Igbo phrase ‘Enu Ugwu’ which means top of the hill. It is also called Coal city.


When I first arrived, I was amazed at how clean the city was, The roads were paved and the traffic was organized. I was really surprised, the electricity in Enugu was also relatively stable and they had battery-powered streetlights. I noticed that they rarely had cabs but mostly Keke Napep😩

Peep my name fam (I own a plaza there😂)

Well I and my friends -the waka chronicles (Oparaboy, Adaeze, Fola Francis , Kofo, Temmy and Sami Babalawo ) settled in and lodged at Universal hotels (Independence Layout) I heard independence layout is like the island in Lagos.

Mind you there are relatively cheap hotels in Enugu and you can price down their rates (Lool…I brought the Lagos girl in me. Even my friend in Enugu didn’t know you could price down their hotels😂

After settling down, we went to O-boys sisters house for a sumptuous meal. We actually came for O-boys birthday getaway but had the chance to explore more.

We came back to the hotel to retire to bed for the next days waka-waka. (going up and down)

Peep my brows in the morning 💁🏽‍♀️

Peep my brows in the morning 💁🏽‍♀️


I was craving abacha with Bobo 😂 and so we asked where to get abacha from. The person thought we were from jand and asked us to go to a restaurant to get it, we didn’t know it was a restaurant until we got there😪. (It was wacky 😩 next time tell them you want a local joint).

This food cost me #1300 like how can I buy abacha for that price? 😩. I got it from Native Pot on Independence layout, Enugu.

Later on, I went chilling at a cafe called Latitude, heard they have a branch in Lagos and they had very comporting waiters.

The total meal at latitude cost us 4000 naira which was including the drinks.

I also had the chance to go to Chicken Republic (saving your pockets since ages) Lool…that’s what I describe them as. They’re located at 145, Agbani Road Uwani Enugu.

My cousin knew the manager at Enugu, an old friend of hers. Please whenever you’re in Enugu or if you live in Enugu,visit Chicken Republic☺️. I’ll buy you Lololipop🍭🍭 (I spelt it correctly😂)

A combo meal costs 500 naira while the extra combo which comes with the combo meal with a drink or water and moinmoin or salad costs 800 and it applies to all the Chicken Republic everywhere in Nigeria.

We went swimming too and had the time of our lives there. Little vacations are very amazing and vacations brings out the happiness in you. I’ll love to tour Nigeria more and I also look forward to my trip with the girls☺️.

Enugu was really fun with the squad. I had to leave early because I had to go back to work to make more money for my next tour.

I enjoyed every bit of it and I’ll definitely come back to Enugu. If you want me to plan a tour to Enugu or any other state with my waka chronicles leave a comment in the comment box.

In the next post, I’ll be writing about the major places I visited in Enugu and how I created memories 😉

Lastly, If you want to live long, Enugu is the best place for you☺️ then Abeokuta can come next.

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