If you’re reading this, Welcome to my blog! I’m actually writing this with lots of emotions. Apologies for not dropping a post last Thursday, this being that I haven’t been in the best mood and I alone can explain this.


Most times when I post pictures on Whatsapp or Instagram, I get a lot of questions about what location this is.  Everyone has practically tagged me a “Turn-up Queen” and If you’re Nigerian, you already know what that means Lol. Sometimes, my relatives call  my mum to ask if I’m still in the country because they probably saw a picture of me in a location that doesn’t look Nigerian Lol.


In 2017, I was really adventurous, (this year I’m on a low abeg…it was one of my 2018 resolutions to reduce my outings) I explored a lot of places but still on a budget (because I’m about that lifestyle) though people complain about how the economy is and expensive going to places in Lagos are, It doesn’t stop me from creating my own fun, memories and taking pictures for the gram..(hahaha) and my friends and immediate family can testify to it (lool…my sister calls me Minister of Enjoyment and she often says she doesn’t know what Rochas is waiting for)hahaha.


I’ll be sharing tips that would help you explore Lagos and still let your account balance breathe.

  1.  Choose your destinations wisely: Remember you are on a budget and so therefore, you have to choose your destination wisely. Make sure you check Instagram, google and the internet as a whole about the place you intend visiting and don’t fail to ask someone who has been there before about the place. When I visited Terrakulture restaurant, I was privileged to appreciate the artistic environment. I got to eat good food and also appreciate Art and take pictures at the art gallery. You see how I saved money and time from also visiting the art gallery!


2.  Have a friend or group of friends to explore with you: Having a friend to go to these places with, would help you save cost because you get to split the cab fare, share food with and have a good laugh with. While in school, I had a group of friends who we planned some trips with… After we were done with school, a lot responsibilities and more bills came knocking and with the fact that we all live far away…. so I just have 3 friends who still explore sometimes with me (Mercy, Emilia and Onyinye)


This picture above shows no place we went too, I’m just showing you how beautiful my friends are…lool. Onyinye hates taking pictures so I don’t have a lot of pictures of her except meme pictures and I’m not trying to be wicked here.

It’s also important to go with someone that understands you and has the same interest like you. Mercy is a baby girl and she understands how it’s very important to get the perfect picture for the blog and Instagram and she takes the best pictures ever! (My other friends can testify to this) She also never complains when I request for more pictures and snapchat videos


3. Take advantage of free attractions: When visiting  a new place, take advantage of everything the place has to offer and ask questions. Going to the restaurant at Hard rock cafe and chilling by the beach at Hard Rock Cafe helped me save money and time that I would have used to visit  any other beach in Lagos. I made maximum use of what they offered and it didn’t come at a cost.

4. Transportation: It’s really amazing to get around with Taxify but you should consider taking yellow cabs or buses.  There could be a surge on taxify because it’s a weekend and everyone is trying to go out.  You can try out a new experience with the yellow cabs because they are actually looking for customers now and tend to be cheaper sometimes and get to have a whole new experience. Bear in  kind that yellow cabs and buses can be very annoying too (well who doesn’t know, that is if you grew up in Lagos) but when you’re trying to save money, who really cares.

5. Make use of Google : With Google, you have the opportunity to search for very affordable places to visit in Lagos. You also get to see the price list and read reviews of people that have visited a particular place. It’s very important you check the place out to have an idea of how much it would cost to eat or go there, before you would be asked to wash plates after ordering the food. You also have to be careful as not to search on google and call any number asking you to pay into their accounts before visiting the places….my guy be careful (This is Lagos)



I hope I tried in making you want to explore your city more and create so many beautiful memories.

Ps- I just showed you pictures on my phone randomly.

Let me know if you like my post, and what else you would want me to write about.




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