If you’re reading this, Welcome to my blog! This past week hasn’t been the best for me, but I’ll have to pencil down my emotions elsewhere.

On the fourth episode of the summer series, before I think of what next to dish out to you guys🤔 I’ll be telling you about my first encounter at TUDOR HOUSE. I have actually been to Tudor house a lot of times because I end up planning stuffs for people here. (Biko pay me I’ll plan anything fun for your squad)


Tudor house is located at 14, Adewale Oshin St off Chief Collins Uchieduno Lekki Phase 1.

Lool….this chair is my best spot at Tudor house.

I found out about Tudor house through deals dey, when Mo’ asked me to help her plan a Buffett for her moms birthday. (Mo’ is my friend)

I checked everywhere possible for an affordable price for the buffet, then I finally found Tudor house.

They had everything on the list and even added some more.

They also have nice spots to take pictures for the gram 🙈

Please don’t blame the pictures of these food, when I went there, I was doing fitfam😩 I’m still doing fitfam still😪

Their customer service was also top notch, Tudor house is actually an hotel and they have facilities like swimming pool, gym, free internet access, lounge. They also accept foreign currencies Incase you’re among the IJGB (I just got back) crew 😂.

They have enough parking space to accommodate over 10 cars, the more reason you should go with your squad.

If you’re planning a mini-birthday Buffett or family Buffett, Tudor house isn’t a bad idea. I loved their food and I can happily rate it a 3.5/5. Please be happy about my rating. I take ratings personally and to my heart ☺️.

Let me know if you like my post, and what else would you want me to write about.



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