If you’re reading this, Welcome to my blog! I’m actually writing this with lots of laughter, this being that I don’t even know how to narrate this piece to you guys, but I’ll try😂.

On the third episode of our summer series, I decided to write about my adventure at Coconut Island. There is really no budget for this, it just depends on how much you intend to spend with the group you go with.

Before I start, this place is like a village and if you don’t know how to live without internet and electricity, then this place is certainly not for you. If you’re about the adventure life, nature, chills with good friends and exploring places like me then this place is definitely for you😊.


is located at 🤔 somewhere in badagry. I’ll just give you a description on how to get there. From where ever you’re coming from, you’ll have to pass Alakija (the one beside festac) and get to Volks and from Volks, you ask for where the jetty is, and board a speed boat which costs 300 naira to Coconut Island. It’s not that hard don’t worry🤗.

The first time I visited, It took me about 3 hours from the University of Lagos to get there because of the traffic at Volks side and coupled with that fact that we didn’t leave early from school.

I had friends who I went with, and it made the trip more interesting. We got there at night and it was very scary for me to take that boat ride (It’s usually like that the first time). We took a boat and Fatai was my partner and though we were told not to bring out our phones (I no dey hear word 👂🏼) Lool…I still did to make a video.

I was reading Psalm 23, all through my boat ride journey until I got there.

By the time we got there, it felt like I was in a Gulder Ultimate Search show😂 I was just like Chidera….who sent you to come here🙆🏽‍♀️.

We walked and walked till we found our beach house…..yippie🤗.

I looked for a nice spot to keep my bag and a good place to sleep 💤 but I didn’t sleep yet, because I had Fatai, Ifeanyi and Bimbo to disturb😂.

After being the Dj for the night, (Dj Dee) I finally went to sleep😴.

The next day started so quickly, we brought our utensils, food items, and other necessary house hold items we needed for our 3 days adventure at Coconut island.

I had the coconut drink, walked up and down, went to the beach side, meditated in the pool and also made my friends take me pictures turn after turns😂 please I don’t joke with my pictures (My friends are not yet tired).

Lool…..I wore all these clothes you see in the picture for a day, and I had all my friends take me several pictures.

To be honest, there’s really no fun thing there awaiting you, you have to create the fun yourself with friends and family.

I created the fun myself and in the night we made a camp fire. To me I was in Cape Verde 🇨🇻 argue with your phones😂. I enjoyed everything there but I had to go home because I had no connection with the internet and my business was already suffering from not responding to customers 😩.

The next morning before I left the Island, Ifeanyi and Yemi had told us a night before of the fine beach house they found, and we could take pictures there and I had set an alarm for the next day (please let me be).

I and Morayo woke up very early in the morning had our bath and we were accompanied by Ifeanyi who helped us take pictures of us looking like we had janded😂

We quickly took pictures, and ran off because the person in charge of the place kept on sending us away😂 but we had the best pictures in Coconut Island 🌴.

Things to enjoy at Coconut Island

-View from the beach

– The pool

– Fresh air

– Peace of mind

– Good sleep

– Less Disturbance

I strongly advise you to bring food, pastries, swimming trunks, and other nice games and also a good phone for pictures for the gram, so you wouldn’t be bored.

The experience for me was a true reflection of natural beauty.

With 5000 each, you’re good to go with your team but make sure it’s adequately planned.

Let me know if you like my post, and what else would you want me to write about.



10 thoughts on “THE SUMMER SERIES 3”

  1. Wow! I was gasping for breath reading d aspect of speed boat journey.
    Like d quite time part.
    It will be good to have one be in a place like dt once in a while. At least to escape d hustle and bustle of Lagos.
    Quite adventurous Dera!

    Thanks for making us know about Coconut Island.

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