If you’re reading this, Welcome to my blog! I’m actually progressing and I’m full of contentment😊.

On the second episode of our summer series, I decided to write about my adventure at Omu Resort and also tell you how you can spend about 5000 naira. Amazing right?😉


is located at 1, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu Way, Ibeju, Lekki. If you’re looking for a place more than drinks and chill, then Omu resort is definitely the best place for you.

The first time I visited, My journey wasn’t interesting😪

First, it took me almost the whole day to get there, this being my fault because I checked the weather forecast and it clearly told me it was going to rain but my friends and I turned deaf ears and decided to embark on the journey in an ”18 seater bus” (please we are that extra)😂.

Please I can’t show you where I embarrassed myself 😩 feel free to watch videos of my friends. 😂 (It was actually a video😭 but the videos refused to upload)

Please I’m not the one in this picture😂

I was amazed at the number of activities both children and adults could engage in just a place.

On getting there, it was about 3 hours to the closing time but trust me I still enjoyed every bit of my adventure there.

They had games ranging from;

  • Amusement rides,
  • Go karting,
  • Sea world,
  • Pirate ship,
  • Miniature golf,
  • Wax museum,
  • Outdoor fun,
  • Bull ride,
  • Quad biking and many more.

And as the Igbo girl that I am. I did everything because my money couldn’t waste🙈.

My best ride still remains the bull ride even though I fell off 😂.

The gate fee is normally 5000 naira with unlimited access, however we got a deal on deals dey and paid 2450 naira with unlimited access, yaay!!

It was so worth it.

I am already looking forward to another weekend with my friends and family. (lol)

I advise you to go with snacks and drinks, a book to read on the road (especially if you are coming from the mainland because of the hectic traffic), friends and family and also a good phone for pictures for the gram….lool

Questions I know you’ll want to ask

1. Is it Child friendly? Yes! It is 100%

2. Is there a parking space? Yes! More than enough.

3. Are there nice spots for the gram? Yes! there are, especially the golf and Zebra arena.

Lastly, I advice you to wear comfy clothes when going for day-cations like this.

Let me know if you like this post, and what else would you want me to write about.



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