Welcome to my blog!! If you’re reading this, it’s my second post and I’m writing this with mixed feelings🙂.

The Summer series are basically places you could visit still on a budget (with 5000 you’re good to go here).

Lool….whenever I have the chance I take pictures of small denominations of notes😂.

The first summer series would feature Rufus and bees.

RUFUS AND BEES is located at 2nd roundabout, okunde bluewater zone, off Remi Olowude street, Lekki peninsula.

RUFUS AND BEES is a game arcade, there are a lot of modern and fun games, ranging from the shooting game to the car race, bike race and the dance game, the basket ball game isn’t leftout.

I’m not here to bore you guys with stories about the place but actually how to spend under 5k at the place.

Please forgive my videos🤣

It happens to be the go to place in town, It’s actually for everyone and I recommend you go with your friends or family.

A buzz card at Rufus and bees costs 1300 including vat and all.

There’s what they call clicks( these are points earned for recharging your card). Clicks are the points put in your card to swipe at each gaming point.

(The Mathematical part)

The lowest clicks cost 5500=55 clicks.

So instead of paying for each game you want to play you just swipe your card(pretty easy right?) 😉

Some games cost 3.5 clicks, 5 clicks and it goes on like that.

A taxify cab contains 4 people

Let’s say a fare is 3000,

3000/4= 750 per individual

(Clicks) 5500+1300 (Buzz card) =6800.

6800/4= 1700

Meaning you all can bring out 1700 +750 = 2450 and have fun

And you might be lucky someone may have a taxify code that day which saves you a lot more😜.

P.s- The food at Rufus and bees is very expensive so I don’t advise you to buy it except you’re the cash king, you’re allowed to bring your snacks in.

Don’t forget to board a Taxify ride when going to Rufus and bees. 😄

Let me know if you like this post, and what else would you want me to write about.



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  1. Chi chi on this again. Might consider a YouTube channel for the videos maybe?

    And the mathematics part is off, it ought to be 6000÷4 and not ^, you get?😏😏

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